3 Money-Saving Air Conditioning Tricks

Air conditioning is a true necessity during the hotter months in Florida. However, many people continue to make use of their systems throughout the cooler winter. Regardless of the season, your air conditioner can play a big role in your monthly utility payment. We have a few money-saving air conditioning tips for year-round use!

money-saving air conditioning

Clean Your Coils

On your outdoor unit, cleaning your coils will allow for greater efficiency. When these coils are dirty, they make your air conditioner use more energy to cool your home. Cleaning these coils takes a simple degreaser and a rinse with water. Your extra work will show in your energy bill!

Mow Away from the A/C

While you mow your lawn, try to avoid any buildup of cut grass around your air conditioning unit. If any of this grass gets into your unit, they can make the coils dirty and, again, make your unit use more energy than it needs to. Mow with care for more utility savings!

Call a Pro for Regular Maintenance

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to keep them working properly. A licensed professional like ours at Eveld Tatman Air Conditioning can inspect your unit and help it run its best year-round! Routine maintenance is the key to energy efficiency. Call us today at 954-753-8040 for more money-saving air conditioning tips!