5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance

5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance

These Are Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance.

When it comes to our air conditioner systems, we want to ensure they stay in good condition. In the summer months, especially in Flordia, it is important to get air conditioner maintenance in order to keep your system operating like it should. But if you are unsure when it needs maintenance service, it can be hard to determine when the time is right. Below are five signs you need air conditioner maintenance.

The A/C is Loud

It’s common for the A/C to make a bit of noise when it turns on, but if you hear a noise that is louder than normal and continues without stopping, it best to call an HVAC technician.

Smell Coming from the Unit

When you turn on your air conditioner, a foul or musky odor should not permeate the air. This can be due to dirty air ducts that will need to be cleaned in order to remove the smell.

Airflow is Weak

We expect our air conditioner to provide us with exceptional airflow. However, there will be times when your system produces very weak and low airflow. Usually, this occurs because of ductwork issues, which can be remedied with the help of a professional.

No Cool Air

If you turn on your A/C and cold air isn’t coming out, this is a red flag. To ensure this doesn’t turn into an expensive repair, have it looked at ASAP.

Haven’t Had Recent A/C Maintenance

Has it been years since you’ve called an HVAC technician to look at your A/C? By calling someone to take a look at your air conditioner, you can prevent costly repairs.

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