Carrier AC Installation

carrier ac unit Modern air conditioning was invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier, the founder of Carrier. Ever since, Carrier has been working to improve and perfect Willis Carrier’s original concept. Today’s air conditioning units are more complex than the one envisioned by Willis Carrier. However, modern A/C units operate using similar principles to the first model. Employing these time tested methods in conjunction with a commitment to advancing technology, has allowed Carrier to continue to generate air conditioning products that can provide you the cool air your need. Stay comfortable in South Florida’s humid climate by selecting a Carrier A/C product that can provide you cool and clean air. The service team at Every Thing Air  is qualified to complete your Carrier AC Installation in all of the counties from Miami-Dade to Indian River County.

Choosing A Carrier AC

When choosing your Carrier A/C unit, there are several factors you should consider:

  • Budget: Because different air conditioning systems are asked to perform various tasks that require assorted levels of power, their prices differ. Knowing how much you are able to spend on your A/C will expedite your purchasing process and ensure that you are not overspending on your project. In addition, you should consider the operational costs of a unit to select the model that is the most cost-effective for your property. The energy efficiency of a unit is one of the largest determiners of its operational costs. The more efficient the unit, the more you save on energy bills. Consult a certified Carrier installer at Every Thing Air to determine the AC unit that best fits your budget.
  • Energy Ratings: There is a variety of energy ratings used to evaluate their power and efficiency. The most commonly used method for rating the energy efficiency of an AC unit is the Seasonal  Energy  Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The SEER rating is determined by dividing the total electric energy input by the cooling output during the cooling season. The higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioning system. The federal government requires all split-system air conditioning systems in Florida to have a minimum SEER rating of 14. Trust one of the A/C experts from Every Thing Air to help you choose a Carrier AC that will provide you cool air efficiently.
  • Size & Power: Your air conditioning system needs to be the appropriate size to provide cool air for your home or office adequately. If your unit is too small, then it will not be able to produce enough cool air to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building. In addition, an AC that is too small will strain to generate cool air and this increased stress will result in expensive failures. If your unit is too large, it will turn on and off more frequently than it needs to, costing you more money on your energy bills.

Carrier brand air conditioning systems provide you the cool, clean, and comfortable air you need in your home or office. The service technicians at Every Thing Air are qualified professionals who have years of experience in Carrier AC installation in all of the counties from Miami-Dade to Indian River County.