The Benefits of a Clean Air Filter

Clean Air Filter

A Dirty Air Filter Has a Broad and Negative Impact on Your Home.

With all the other daily worries that life entails, air filters typically warrant little to no attention. Unfortunately, an absence of regular replacement can spell big trouble for your HVAC and home. An old air filter will suffer a great deal from excess dirt and debris. If you understand the benefits of a clean air filter, you may feel more inspired to change yours on a regular basis.

Healthier Air

This factor becomes especially important when residents of a home deal with respiratory illnesses or asthma. A dirty air filter circulates dirty air. All residents of a home will breathe this air, which may contain dust, bacteria, pollen, and other things.

Cleaner HVAC

Dirt and debris in your air filter will also pollute the interior of your HVAC. This makes it much harder for the system to achieve its operation. As your HVAC works harder, you can expect higher energy bills. The HVAC will also accumulate wear at a faster clip and need replacement sooner.

Peace of Mind

A clean air filter means you can worry less about the upkeep of a crucial component of your home. You rely on your HVAC to provide clean, quality air and maintain the comfort of your home. A dirty air filter means that it simply cannot achieve this function. Do yourself and your HVAC a favor, and change your air filter often.

To maintain the highest quality of air for your home, change your air filter every one to three months. Homes with multiple pets or occupants with respiratory problems will need to do this more often. To learn more or schedule HVAC service in South Florida, contact Every Thing Air today at _954-753-8040_.