Commercial AC Installation

ac installation roof and crane There is a large variety of commercial grade air conditioning systems available to provide cool, comfortable and clean air for your business. Because of the large assortment of commercial air conditioning systems, it is imperative that you are aware of the particular air conditioning needs of your commercial space.

Once you know exactly what you will require of your unit, you will be able to more effectively select the air conditioning system that best fits your needs. The expert service technicians at Every Thing Air have the experience and expertise you can depend on to complete your commercial AC installation in all of the counties from Miami-Dade to Indian River County.

Trust the Professionals

When you need to install a new commercial air conditioning system in your office, you need to choose the right unit as well as the right company to execute the installation. Even if you purchase a top of the line air conditioning system, you need to ensure that it is installed by a qualified professional. An incorrect installation can result in inefficiencies that can lead to increased and unnecessary wear and tear that result in a shorter lifespan for your A/C. Trust the professional air conditioning service technicians from Every Thing Air to assist you in selecting and installing your commercial AC.

Benefits of a New A/C System

Installing a new commercial air conditioning system can have several positive impacts on your office including:

  • Reduced Energy Costs: Beginning in 2015, the federal government increased minimum efficiency requirements and now requires air conditioning systems in the state of Florida to meet a minimum SEER rating of 14. Increased energy efficiency standards mean that units are able to more effectively produce cool air using less energy, saving you money on energy bills. Some studies suggest that depending on the age of the air conditioning system you have installed currently, you could save up to 40% on your energy bills by switching to a newer model.
  • Enhanced Comfort: In addition to newer systems being more enerETA unit pics 005gy efficient, they offer increased levels of control over the air in your office. The latest A/C models provide more control over more aspects of the air in your business than ever before including the precise regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Modern air conditioning systems reduce your carbon footprint by being more energy efficient as well as employ a refrigerant known as R410A that has been proven to be less harmful to the environment than previous refrigerants.
  • Productivity: When your air conditioning system fails to provide cool air, it leaves your employees in an uncomfortable work environment. When your employees are uncomfortable, it causes their productivity to decline. Improve your bottom line by installing a new A/C system that adequately controls the air in your office, allowing your employees to get work done comfortably.

Learn more about the benefits of having Every Thing Air Conditioning complete your commercial AC installation in all of the counties from Miami-Dade to Indian River County by calling us today.