Commercial AC Repair

commercial ac unit When the air conditioning system in your commercial property breaks, call the professional air conditioning system technicians at Every Thing Air for prompt and affordable repair. We know that you can’t go without the cool air provided by your air conditioning system, which is why we train tirelessly with manufacturers to learn about the latest methods and products to restore your A/C to proper functioning order. There are several issues that regularly occur with A/C systems that our service technicians can resolve with relative ease. Our service team’s experience and expertise make us the perfect solution to all of your air conditioning issues. Speak with one of our representatives at your convenience to schedule your commercial AC repair in all of the counties from Miami-Dade to Indian River County.

Common Commercial AC Problems

The air conditioning  system installed in your business is a large and complicated series of units that require the specialized knowledge and tools of an air conditioning service professional. There are several issues that develop over time as a result of ordinary wear and tear to your system that can be quickly resolved by our service team. These issues include:

  • Dirty Filters: The filters in your commercial air conditioning system inevitably become dirty and need to be replaced. The solution for a dirty filter is to simply removing the dirty filter and replacing it with a new, clean filter. If you hold your filter up to a light and cannot see light pass through it, the filter needs to be unit
  • Refrigerant Leak: A refrigerant leak can be caused by a variety of sources and can rapidly become a significant and expensive problem. There are no repairs for leaks in the evaporator coils or condenser. However, if the leak is present in another area of your system, it can be resolved by removing the leaking refrigerant and refilling the unit to proper levels.
  • Condenser Coil: This piece of your system is outside where it is vulnerable to increased exposure to dirt and other elements. If your condenser coil is dirty, it can usually be cleaned by spraying it down with a water hose while the unit is not running. However, if the coil is dirty enough, it will require an air conditioning professional to clean it with a specialized chemical cleaner.

These are just a few of the issues we frequently service. If you don’t see the problem you are experiencing with your commercial air conditioning system, don’t worry. Call our office to learn more about how we can help you with commercial AC repair in all of the counties from Miami-Dade to Indian River County.