Most Common AC Issues

AC issues, ac unitSo you’re having issues with your air conditioner yet again! You may be surprised to know that your AC problems are more typical than you think. Check out the most common for homeowners.

Coil is frozen

A problem with the air flow in your system is an indicator that your coil is frozen.  There could be blockage being caused by dirty air filters or obstructed return air ducts. This could allows be a sign that your coolant level is low.

Defective wiring

AC wiring that is faulty or shoddy can be quite risky and be  a potential fire hazard. The cooling system can suffer from a lack of power from bad wiring, or can even activate the circuit breaker.

Low refrigerant

This chemical cools the air within your AC  system, also known as Freon. Low levels of refrigerant can could be a sign of a leak somewhere along the line.

Outside fan is not working

Your outdoor unit and fan is responsible for transferring the heat that is inside of your home to the outside air. If the fan is malfunctioning , there is no way for the transfer of heat to take place and the air conditioner compressor could potentially overheat and trigger the the safety overload. In the worst case, there could be damage within the compressor which could call for a complete replacement and cause some major bucks.

The best way to  avoid any of these problems is with preventative maintenance. This way a professional is able to to come to inspect your cooling system, spot any potential issues, and rectify them before they become major. So contact the pros at Eveld * Tatman Air Conditioning by dialing 954-753-8040 or simply contact us online.