Cooling Tips For Homes with Poor Air Conditioning Systems

Fan Used In Applying Home Cooling Tips

Most Home Cooling Tips Recommend Using Fans to Circulate Air Throughout the House.

Not every home was built with a central cooling system. Some homes depend on window units to keep the temperature cool. Often times these units are no match for the dog days of summer. This makes your home extremely uncomfortable, and in some cases unbearable. Sometimes do it yourself cooling tips can compensate for poor air conditioning.

Cooling Tips for Your Home

If your current air conditioning system struggles to keep up with the temperatures outside, there a few small things you can do to cool your house on your own. These cooling tips can make your home livable again.

Use Box Fans
Window air conditioners cool one room at a time. Meanwhile, the next room over is unbearably hot. Placing a box fan between the two rooms can help circulate the air from the window unit to other rooms in the house.

Draw Air From the Basement
Basements are usually cooler than the rest of the house. You can install a cold air return in your basement, which will draw the cooler air through the duct system in the house. You can also use box fans to direct the cool air in the basement upstairs.

Cover the Windows
A lot of heat enters your home through the windows. Applying a reflective film to your windows can stop heat energy from heating up your home.

Cooling tips can be helpful for improving the temperature in your home, but installing a minimally invasive ductless air conditioning system may be the best solution. Contact Every Thing Air at 954-753-8040 to learn how you might benefit from one of these systems.