Easy Ways to Keep Your Indoor Air Cleaner

Why is it important to keep your indoor air clean? If you suffer at all from allergies or respiratory problems, it can help improve your symptoms. But did you know cleaner indoor air also helps your air conditioner work more efficiently? Here are a few easy tips to improve efficiency and keep your indoor air cleaner:

Check Your Air Filters

indoor airHave you ever wondered where all the dust in your home comes from? While it comes from many places, it all gets blown throughout your house by your air conditioner. Most indoor air pollutants are so small or microscopic that you can’t see them. The truth is, though, that most homeowners have less clean air inside their homes than outside.

To help reduce this, be sure to check your air filters regularly. Don’t wait until dust is visible on the outside of the vent! This causes your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to, which can lead to early failure. Families with pets and small children will likely need to change their air filters once every one to two months.

Keep the House Clean

If you’re not a fan of chores, it may pay off to increase your cleaning regimen. Less dust and pollutants in the home help your air conditioner work better and will keep your air healthier. Vacuum, dust, and mop often, up to 2-3 times a week in needed. Put mats down at the doors that lead outside, and encourage people to remove their shoes, especially if you have carpeted floors. Another trick? Reduce clutter. Piles of old magazines, boxes of clothes, and other “stuff” can deteriorate over time, contributing to dust, allergens, and other problems.

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