AVOID THESE: Mistakes Made When Purchasing New AC Units

Photo of mistakesBuying big home units like air conditioners is something many home owner’s dread. There are so many options and styles out there, it is easy to become tangled in details and feel as though sales people are taking advantage. Many mistakes are made when it comes to purchasing new AC’s.

Mistakes To Avoid:

  • Rebates: Rebates are a fantastic way that manufacturers use to help the consumer with the cost of a new unit. You many miss out on these, think they are a hassle or by not knowing they are available. Always do the research prior to purchase.
  • The Lowest Price Is The Best Price: Saving a quick buck here or there is great! However, your air conditioner is one place you should definitely spare no expense. Cheaper units usually do not last as long and may come with their own set of problems.
  • The Bigger The Better: If you are unsure of the size you need for your home, have a technician advise you. Buying a larger unit can actually cost you more in the long run. Bigger units can kick on and off more frequently to compensate for being the wrong size.
  • No Warranties Or Maintenance: Warranties and maintenance plans sound like frivolous wastes of money when you are in the check out line. However, always get one! Having a service plan will keep your air conditioner running perfectly.

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