AC Savings Tips

dollarsYour air conditioning sytem is an important investment that should last between 15 and 20 years and can rapidly become expensive. We know that saving money is important, which is why we have gathered a few recommendations to help you save on your air conditioning expenses. These simple steps have proven to be effective money saving measures. In addition, we compiled these pieces of advice so that they would be applicable to all types of units in order to help all of our clients. Following these AC saving tips in Broward, Miami-Dade & Palm Beach Counties can help you save money over the life of your air conditioning system.

Improve Efficiency

Maintain a consistent temperature on your thermostat. Continuously changing the temperature on your thermostat can cause your unit to work harder and increase utility expenses. If you have a programmable thermostat installed, set it for an automatic setback twice daily; while at work and asleep. Setbacks should only be six percent of the total temperature you desire. This is usually roughly five degrees.

When your thermostat is set to heat your home, keep the temperature set between 65 and 75 degrees. When you set the temperature outside of this range, it causes inefficiencies with your unit that can result in a lack of heat or increased spending on energy bills. When set to cool, keep your thermostat set at 70 degrees or warmer. Lowering the temperature below 70 degrees can cause your coil to freeze, leading to necessary repairs and condensation in your home.

Clean your coils regularly, Clean coils help ensure a properly functioning and efficient air conditioning system. Coil cleaning can be completed by turning off your unit and applying degreaser before spraying them with water.

Do not place objects on top of your outdoor air conditioning component such as garden hoses or landscaping tools. These items restrict the ability of the fan in your unit to operate smoothly.

Point your lawnmower away from your outdoor air conditioning system components while mowing your lawn and check for and remove any clippings that may have become lodged in your unit. If your coils become blocked with trimmings or other litter, your air conditioning system will become drastically less efficient.

Take extra care when using your weed whacker near your air conditioning system. The clippings and other debris kicked up by your weed whacker can easily become lodged in your unit. Additionally, you may accidentally cut wires with your weed whacker or errant debris.

Common Tips

The best defense against ordinary wear and tear is regular maintenance. Make sure to replace your air filters on a monthly basis and to have an air conditioning technician inspect your system at the beginning of each heating and cooling season.

Planting trees and shrubbery around your home can reduce its exposure to sunlight, reducing your cooling costs. The air temperature underneath trees can be up to 20 degrees cooler, and the Department of Energy estimates that properly placed landscaping can reduce cooling costs by up to half. We recommend planting trees or shrubs on the east and west sides of your home for maximum effect.

Keep your blinds or drapes covering your windows on the sunny side of your home to prevent sunlight from entering your house and raising the temperature.

Ensure that your home does not leak air by installing weather strips on doors and windows. Additionally, caulk or other sealants can be used to prevent air leaks from occurring at points where your home’s appliances connect to the exterior of the home such as dryer vents.

Darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. When purchasing a home, consider homes that have a lighter exterior color scheme or repainting the house a lighter color to absorb less heat.

Energy efficient ceiling fans provide a budget-friendly alternative to running your central air conditioning system. Running your ceiling fans instead of your air conditioning system can provide you the comfort you need while reducing your energy expenditures.