Signs You Need Ductless Air Conditioning System Repairs

Ductless Air Conditioning System

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Ductless air conditioning systems provide many benefits for your home. The installation is easy and cost effective and they can improve the quality of the air within your home. Additionally, a ductless air conditioning system allows you to cool each room individually, which gives you more control over the temperature of your home. Every Thing Air offers services to install and repair your residential ductless air conditioner. If you’re experiencing any problems with your ductless units, call our office today.

Do You Need Ductless Air Conditioning Repair?

While a there are many benefits that come from having a ductless air conditioning systems, problems with the system may not be as apparent as with a central air conditioning system. Here are a few signs that your ductless air conditioning system might be in need of repair.

Remote Control Doesn’t Work
Each individual air conditioning unit in a ductless system is operated by a remote control. If the remote isn’t working, and you’ve checked the sensor and the batteries, you could have an electrical problem.

Water Leaking
If one of the units in your home starts to leak, it is probably a sign that you need ductless air conditioning repair. This is a sign that the drain hose for the unit is clogged or otherwise not working correctly.

Fan Isn’t Running
The outdoor unit for a ductless air conditioning system has a fan that should be running all the time. If this fan stops running, it will affect the function of your entire air conditioning system. Call for immediate repairs if you notice a problem with the motor or of the fan on the outside unit of your ductless air conditioning system.

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