Tips To Keep Your Upstairs Cooler

Upstairs Air

Changing your air filter can help make your upstairs cooler

One of the frustrating parts many homeowners face with their AC system is that the temperatures vary by the floor in which they are on. For people with upstairs bedrooms or living areas, the heat can become a problem for them, especially in Florida. Below are some tips to keep your upstairs cooler, so you can get a better sleep and enjoy your home more.

Ceiling Fans

In the Florida heat, having an air conditioner may not be enough. For upstairs rooms, a ceiling fan is almost a necessity. You should install one in each bedroom or living room on the upstairs floor. This will help circulate the air flow coming from the air conditioner.

Change Filters

You should change filters every few months. Changing filters allows cold air to flow more freely and at a higher rate. This is a great way to make your upstairs cooler. If you notice dust around your filters, it is a clear indication that it is time to replace it. 

Furniture Placement

Make sure your furniture is not setup to block ventilation. The cool air will have more trouble getting in the room if it is blocked by heavy furniture. Move some of your furniture around to ensure a clear path for the cold air.

Contact Every Thing Air

An expert opinion is always valuable. We can diagnose your air conditioning problems and determine why the circulation is not reaching upstairs. If you require professional AC maintenance in South Florida you can contact us today at 954-753-8040.